Costa Del Villas - House for sale in Alora, Spain

Alora - traditional Spainish pueblo blanco.

from Wikipedia;

Álora is a town of southern Spain, part of the provence of Málaga, c. 40 km from Málaga city , on the right bank of the river Guadalhorce, and on the Córdoba-Málaga high-speed rail line

From a distance, Álora is a typical pueblo blanco; a whitewashed village nestled between three rocky spurs topped by the ruins of the castle.

Alora, traditional Spanish village.

History of Álora

The area was settled since prehistorical times, and was exploit for its commercial position by Tartessos and by the Phoenicians, who most likely built the castle. The Romans, after their conquest of Spain, restored the fortress and had here a municipium known as Iluritanum, as attested by an iscription dating to 79 BC.

The fortress was further enlarged by the Visigoths and, above all, the Moors, who conquered it early during their conquest of Spain. Álora became a stronghold of the rebellious Umar ibn Hafsun, semi-independent lord of Bobastro in the time of the emirate of Córdoba. The Christians of northern and central Spain attempted numerous times to conquest the town, but were successful only in 1484.

Today Álora thankfully is a much more peaceful and friendly place. The locals are traditional noble Andalucians, friendly, laid back and passionate about the traditional 'stylo de vida'


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